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Update for you guys. I got my shipment from Daz in the other day and started working again. I've got pics, but haven't posted them yet. I've run into a problem though, I'm having the hardest time bleeding my loop. =(

I posted on OCN (Swiftech H220 Owners' Club) regarding my pump. It seems like it just kept sucking air, and I was scared I damaged it.

H220 pump noise - YouTube

Swiftech says it's a problem with my loop design, so I've have to diassemble and re-think the loop. Here's what I had originally planned out.

In the above picture, the GPU is connected to the inlet port of the H220 pump. My thoughts were that the yellow fill tube would provide enough water to the H220 to keep the inlet tube full. For the most part it did, the inlet tube was never out of water. However the pump still continued to suck air and I didn't know why. Swiftech said that there was probably a big air pocket trapped in the pump that refused to come out. I spent almost 5 hours bleeding the loop and the problem still persisted.

The new setup now has the top rad going directly into the inlet of the pump. Problem is that my fill port is still on the graphics card (the yellow tube). It definitely doesn't look as nice, there are tubes cross all over the place. It's a little easier to fill, but I'm still in the process of bleeding.

Any suggestions on what else I can do? I was thinking that I should at a T-Block between the top rad and pump inlet and use that to fill / bleed instead.

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