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Default GPU Folding (550Ti) with Windows Vista?

Hi all,

As the subject, I'm going to be bringing online a folder soon, and I'm wondering if I'd be at any disadvantage Folding-wise to use Windows Vista Enterprise (which my school gave out a ton of MSDNAA keys for).

The computer will be either a Phenom 9950 or a Athlon X2 5200+ (depending on if the Phenom wasn't fried from my last experiment ), but most of the PPD will come from a GeForce GTX 550 Ti.

If Folding and light file server use is the only thing the rig will be doing, would I have any issues using an old Vista key? I'll of course treat it to the 10+ restarts worth of Windows Update to get the service packs and all that.
Also, could I run no antivirus since the only contact the rig will ever have with the Internet is Windows Update and F@H downloading new cores (EDIT: and WUs)? (Just for extra paranoia I'll download F@HClient from a computer with antivirus.)

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