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Do not format the machine until you find out if you can even buy the USB installer. I looked at the Apple Store website and it's not even listed. So you may have to buy it from App Store and make your own DVD. It is true that Mountain Lion stop supporting some older Macs.

EDIT: Forgot to add that format is under Utility -> Disk Utility. You can access it from the install disk if you're formatting the primary drive.

Which Macs will be able to run Mountain Lion?

Apple says the following models are supported:

iMac: Mid-2007 and later
Mac mini: Early 2009 and later
Mac Pro: Early 2008 and later
MacBook: Late 2008 Alumnium, Early 2009, and later
MacBook Air: Late 2008 and later
MacBook Pro: Mid- and Late 2007 and later
Apple’s current specs page omits the 2009 Xserve, which was included in the supported models back in February. That may be more of a reflection of Apple’s regard for the now-retired Xserve than that machine’s ability to run Mountain Lion, however.

You may notice that some models supported by Lion aren’t in that list—just because your Mac can run Lion doesn’t mean it will be able to run Mountain Lion. Specifically, the following models can run Lion, but aren’t compatible with the initial developer preview of Mountain Lion:

2006 iMacs
Mid 2007 Mac mini
2006 and 2007 Mac Pro
2008 (original) MacBook Air
Early 2008 and earlier MacBook
2006 (15-inch and 17-inch) MacBook Pro
2006 and 2008 Xserve
How to Burn OS X Mountain Lion to a DVD or USB Flash Drive
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