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My System Specs


Ok well there's something you must know about Macbooks other than their uselessness :P

Formatting a Macbook without a Mac OSX CD is gosh darn practically impossible. Unless of course you download an ISO image of say... Mountain Lion.

If you think that's to much of a risk, you can buy Mountain Lion for 30$ at an Apple Store (retail or online). So once you have hence name DVD (I do hope to god it's DVDs now, the old Mac OS X required 3 or 4 CDs to install) You will be treated to a nice blue screen and unlike the Windows version of the blue screen, this one means it actually works.

Since you said you never touched Apple in your life I suppose I should explain how Mac works. Unlike Windows, Mac has this "unified taskbar" I said unified because the taskbar (which btw is on top of the screen instead of bottom) changes depending on the program you're currently using. So once the DVD finished loading, you'll have that taskbar displayed on top, in it you'll find a bunch of tools, one of them is Disk Formatting (around those lines) open it up and it should be straight forward in figuring out how to format it.

If you already played with a Linux installation then you'll know what to do. Once you formatted the disk, the rest should be simple enough, click on Install and let it go, after install is complete and they ask you for an Apple ID you'll be filling out the basic info like name, computer name etc... and then poof you're in OS X. Of course however the rest is longest part.... updating. Yes just like Windows updating may take hours to install.

Hope it helps.
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