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My System Specs


I tried adding pictures early this morning and found out I need to host them else where. So I did. I will be adding some new pics tonight (in addition to these).

The AC Condenser is DESTROYED! But I have a Brass Rad from an 86 Nissan 200SX. I installed the rad less than 6 months before scrapping the car. It turns out I have had this rad sitting around for OVER A DECADE I'm a bit of a pack rat if I think I can use things. The rad is brass and VERY clean. Computers Cooled by MODINE!

The case is an Antec 900. Priming is partially done. All holes hole were but by the previous owner of the case - a friend of mine. Edges of the new holes were rough (due to his lack of tools). He used duct tape to protect the edges. This bottom hole was the home of a small RAD at one time.

I could have done without the hole on the bottom, but I will make use of it anyway. I am glad to have the other holes he cut. I have since squared up the holes a bit and filed the edges clean. You can even see some 'Barel Distortion' due to my Wide Angle Lens on my old Coolpix 950. Some pics I took with the Nikon, some I was lazy and just pulled my phone out of my pocket.

I cut the rear grill out and cleaned it up a touch. It looks different and I think it looks kinda neat. Pics will follow tonight showing this and other things.

I decided to remove the top 140MM fan and replace it with 2 Noctua 120's. A single 120 Noctua NF12P has the same Airflow rating and about same noise rating (If I recall). These two fans should do a FANTASTIC job of cooling my ram and VRM's on the Mobo.

I have an 8 Port Hub or Switch. Are they the same? It's not a router. IT's 10/100 but I do not transfer stuff over a network, so I am ok without Gigabit. I decided to integrate this into my case. I need to figure out how to add a PROPER resister to a 12V source to drop it to 9V, so I can ditch the little Power adapter. I will explain this ^ masacre with the new pics tonight.

I mixed something up when I installed Windows. My computer is speaking French to me. It has been interesting to see websites nottice this, and even some VIDEO popup ads. I will spell check my post tonight too. I gave it a quick proof read in the mean time.
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