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Originally Posted by mattydies View Post
Sounds simple right? IT should be! I was doing some work on a computer with a surveillance system installed on it. I had to replace the 'DVR CARD' from the surveillance system when reinstalling windows (as they driver disks were gone).

I bought a CHEAP unit from China off Ebay - $35 for Card, drivers, Software. IT's running fine.

***PROBLEM*** After setting up a 2nd monitor I realized I am unable to move the Surveillance program. I can minimize and close it off, but I cannot move the program to the other monitor. I cannot 'UN-maximize' the window either. IS there a way I can force this program to start on the 2nd monitor or move it? IS it time for me to look at other software (The card and drivers seem fine).

This is the first I have seen or heard of a thing like this. In many respects this program is BETTER than the old one, but not without 2 or 3 flaws.
You may have to install Ultramon for this. It has an option where you can force a app to another monitor.
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