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Or, I have another idea, you can just give me all of that cash and I can take a vacation and buy some wome...I mean, find a few dates.... yes...that's what I meant....

To be honest, that's one hell of a big list, and I don't see much in the way of giving you advice, other than "don't do wireless peripherals" Logitech makes solid mice, I love my G9x. For a headset, I usually recommend to stay away from ones marketed as "gaming headsets." Even the pricey ones don't seem to do the justice they claim to. Go for a solid pair of Sennheisers and get that clip-on Zalman mic. Those two alone with change your perspective on gaming.

Also, unless you plan on expanding your system with multiple GPUs in the future, I think an 850 watter would suffice and then some.
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