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My System Specs


Originally Posted by bigFOIG View Post
I better see some pics of everything (including my board) soon!
Whether building a rig, buying or selling on the forum, or sending his goons to rough you up so that you make things right KEVIN IS SERIOUS!!!

Originally Posted by Hooded View Post
Looks like a great start to your build.
Noticed that your shopping for your Water Cooling parts at NCIX. You will get better prices and delivery from DazMode.
Just getting a Daz Mode branded Lainge D5 pump will save you $20 and another $10 on the Raystorm.
Tank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU! It looks like I will order from DAZ.

As with nearly all of my projects they take longer than expected (mostly procrastination) & they run over budget. When I do finish a project it is well worth the time, effort and price of admission!

I will (FINALLY) be posting some pics tonight.

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