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My System Specs


Okay so lets go through the list here.
1. Fine it is a workstation first and foremost I guess you could probably use the extra performance.
2. A tad expensive and probably overkill for a beginner but you do live in a hot moist place so it won't hurt.
3. Memory is super expensive, honestly the difference between that ram and a $70 16gb kit will be less than 5% and will cost half the price (I am trying to free up money for a better GPU since the 670 probably wont cut it for very long).
4. Good cooler, again expensive but you live in a warm place so you might need it.
5. Probably best Sata SSD for the mainstream, good choice.
6. You really don't need a hybrid drive because you have the SSD and you plan on running a ramdisk so I would save $40 and get a 1tb single platter HDD
7. Lets bump this up to a EVGA GTX 680 FTW
8. This is super overkill, upgradeability is listed as your last priority so I assume you aren't planing on going tri/quad SLI so I really don't think you need this, an AX850i will give you enough power for a pair of 680's with an overclocked CPU so I would save yourself the ~100$ unless you plan on going quad/tri SLI.
9. Very nice case, if I had money I would buy one myself.
10. DO not get this monitor, 27" at 1920x1080 will look like crap take the money you saved on the PSU and a few other parts further on and upgrade to 2560x1440. No point in spending a ton of money to make your computer render nice images and then look at them on a crappy monitor.
11. I wouldn't get either of those headsets... Wireless really isn't great.
12. You really don't want a wireless gaming mouse if you plan on playing online/like to do as well as you possibly can. Anything else this mouse offers that you really want? If not you can save like $20.
13. I really know nothing about that unit.
14. I don't know what your internet speed is and that is a great router but unless you have a server you plan on sending a lot of files to locally it is most definitely not offering you anything a $100 Asus router isn't offering you since your internet won't come anywhere near to saturating it.
15. It is expensive and generally Sata is cheaper and better than USB but I don't know if you have another use for PCI/E slots.
16. Sure.


A. Sure.
B. I don't think you will need this.
C. I know it looks nice but I would cut it so you can get a better monitor. Also kind of deceptive that your 670 will have a backplate on it that says 680. You do know EVGA makes a 670 backplate for the FTW.
D. You don't need the extensions, the AX series come with nicely sleeved PSU cables and they should be long enough.
E. Sure.
F. Again you really don;t need to buy these, they will come with your system 4 in one is standard these days.
G. Expensive fan, not really necessary you could go cheaper and keep it close to the same noise level.
H. Sure.
I. Sure
J. Sure.
K. You live in Honduras, it is humid there and you really don't need it, just don't build on a wool carpet and touch something grounded before you touch your components (your PSU plugged into the wall for example).
L. You really don't need this.
M. Sure.
N. Sure you seem to like things clean
O. Sure.
P. You shouldn't need this, a damp cloth is more than adequate, just use a dry cloth afterwards and it won't streak.
Q. Sure.
R. Sure.
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