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My System Specs


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Depending on the game, they can scale real well or not.

I just traded my 680 for a pair of SLI 660's. In BF3, which is the game I play 90% of the time, I should see frame rate increases of up to 50%. We'll see if microstuttering is an issue. It very well may be, but I've never had an SLI/Crossfire setup, so I have no idea if it will affect me.

But, your question is a valid one. GTX660's cost about $220-$240. A 680 is usually around $480-$520. So, for less than the cost of a 680, you could potentially get more performance out of 2x cheaper 660's.

SLI and driver issues notwithstanding, of course. That is a huge downside that must be taken into consideration.
Yeah that's really what it comes down to. I felt that in the biggest way with World of Tanks to be honest. They did a massive revamp on their game engine....and since then SLI does not work, so a game that back in the day I sustained 60-70 maxed FPS I get 30 max in the cities ( though more in the fields, less clutter).

But, besides that...those 460's lasted me how long? 2+ years of Perfect performance without stutter, without major glitches.

And they have long since found a new home without fail. Sometimes you can get lucky. At 1080P on a budget I can see two of these cards doing great. I don't think the regular TI 650 had SLI did it?


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