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Expensively Useful (not overkill) would be OCZ Vector or Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD. Money flushed down the toilette overkill is Intel 910 PCI-E 400GB
Expensively Useful HDD Seagate Desktop 4TB (efficient, quite, 2 year warranty) or WD caviar Black 4TB (power hungery, noisy, 5 yr). Overkill is Seagate Constellation and WD RE

LGA 2011 (X79) i7 3930 overkill, i7 3960 money flushed overkill.
Z77 i7 3770K with PLX equipped motherboard (ROG Extreme or Gigabyte UP7) is expensively useful.

when it comes to GPUs and monitors, as long as these two things are balanced, there is no such thing as overkill. GTX Titans in Tri-SLI feeding triple 2560x1600 monitors in surround is an expensive, yet rewarding purchase. Overkill is when you skimp on one and pay up on the other.
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