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Yup, adequate is pretty fair. Some parts are old outdated (like that AIO!)

You want 'overkill'?

PSU: 1200AXi Corsair
Ram: 64GB
Mobo: socket 2011 asus Rampage or Deluxe
cpu: 3960X
GPU: Two NV Titans (or three to be sure)
SSD: Two Intel DC S3700 800GB for OS, 1 800 Intel 910 PCI-E SSD, 1 4TB SAS Segate ES.3 Connie
SAS controller: LSI 9 series
Cooler: NZXT Kraken X60 (your OLD and outdated. get a H100i or H90 at the very least!)
Monitor: Dell U2713H 14bit monster

Cost...about 15 grand. THAT is overkill. :P
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