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To get TRIM in RAID you need to use intel RST drivers. Other than that it SHOULD work as you are running a Z77. You are using Crucials w/ good ITGC so its not a huge massive deal like it is for SF2281 drives.

BUT if you want to check use:
Index of /trimcheck

Its a cmd line program

Copy it to the SSD. run it from the cmd line. wait 30sec to 1minute. run again.

Little blurb on it:
" When executed for the first time it will write on specific locations on the SSD. It will then delete the written data and exit. When you run it a second time a minute later, it will try to read the exact same locations. When TRIM works you'll get zeroes on the sectors it wrote, plus a notification that TRIM works. If the data is still there you'll be notified that TRIM is not working. If you get a negative result and fsutil tells you that TRIMis enabled anway, try to wait 10 min or before running it for a third time."

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