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My System Specs


The GPU usage for crossfire in this game a major piss off! I've tried 13.2 Beta 6 & 7, and 13.3 Beta 3 drivers. No change at all. In CF each card only runs at about 70% no matter what, even on the lowest settings. In some areas I see 90% usage but it's rare. Anyhow, totally maxed out with FXAA I get 40+ fps and it doesn't feel smooth. If I lower the settings until I get 60+ fps it gets better. Now the stupid part is, with CF disable so only one 7970 is running, settings again maxed out with FXAA, I get 25fps and it DOES feels smooth and playable. Searching around the internet I see everyone has the same problem. Not good for a game that's a part of AMD's "Gaming Evolved" program.
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