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Yeah I believe the Advanced LRT Tubing does not have plasticizer, I could be wrong. It seems to be the best clear tubing out there.

Im not a fan of EKWB business practices and attitude either, but the problem with the WB market is that there isn't a lot of variety. A lot of these companies such as Alphacool, Koolance, etc etc, the parts may PERFORM well, but aesthetically they suck. I don't want a robotic looking or copper colored part in my system. I don't like that look what so ever. The ONLY clear waterblocks out there are the EK ones, and the pump top as well.

I'm not gonna spend hundreds on watercooling and get a shtty looking system. I don't know why people praise 95% of the builds online, it's gonna sound mean but 95% of em lack aesthetic quality and design, nothing wrong with showing it off necessarily, it just doesn't feel to me like there's much that's special.

For my system I'm going for a unique unmatched look, I know not everyone cares bout aesthetics, but some do, I mean the builds on MDPC aren't there for no reason after all, and the mod of the month projects and what not. I just really don't like a lot of the manufacturers in the WC industry.
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