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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
Only downside to this game is that it'll crash quite a bit if you run it on an nvidia graphics card. Had no issues running it on a 7970, the minute I switch to nvidia and it crashes periodically. Oh well!
These were well documented issues. I had some initial stuttering and crashing problems on an Nvidia card; however, the right combination of settings made them go away. I remember I had to use a third-party Nvidia driver controller program (I think it was RivaTuner) in conjunction with the Nvidia control panel. Eventually I was able to get rid of all stuttering and use v-sync while maxing all settings. I enjoyed the game immensely after that point. The initial stuttering was very inhibiting to the experience.

From what I remember, the biggest change came from locking the refresh rate at 59Hz in RivaTuner. That basically got rid of the stuttering. Then, I forced vsync in the Nvidia control panel and set pre-rendered frames to 1. That's off the top of my head anyways.
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