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Originally Posted by IRQ Conflict View Post
Just started plying this a few days ago. Loving it. 12 hours in and I got to my first boss. I'm seriously not ready for that confrontation though. I tried to back out but my ride (chopper) was not there. So, I'll have to restart it. But that's OK, it will give me a chance to tailor my augs the way I should have in the first place.

This game reminds me a lot of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory sans zip line. Man I miss playing that. Buggy as hell on Vista 64bit. Anyone else enjoy this game?
Oh ya! I picked this one up through Steam for $5 or something silly like that. Great game! I got side tracked with Medal of Honor Warfighter, Borderlands 2, and a few other newer games, so I only have about 7 hours in on it, but I fully intend on finishing this one!

It's running smooth as can be for me on 7 64bit.
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