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Holy crap... that's a lot of text.... but I'll address as much as I can.

Throw the IC Diamond away, grab some Prolimitech PK1 Nano TIM.
Keep in mind that MAyhem's dyes (and any dye for that matter) are really just for show builds. The dyes break down and gunk stuff up. Don't care what anyone says, it does. So, unless you plan on pulling apart and cleaning your loop every 30 days, go for distilled water and a kill coil.

EK's CSQ series will have circles all over them. They won't be see-through like on the MKII build.
XSPC, EK, Alphacool, Aquacomputer all make fantastic radiators. Pick one that will suit your build needs. I do know the latest EK rads come with black nickel stop fittings, and a drain port at the front of them.

Yes, that pump top will fit on the MCP655 pump. It's a good pump, too. Very sturdy, pushes a good amount of fluid. Pump tops do virtually nothing except perhaps add a couple of ports and make the pump look nice.

As for LED's for the raystorm, they come with the Raystorm block itself. You can always switch out the colors by getting standard molex 3mm LEDs. FCPU should carry them in a wide array of colors, and I believe they are XSPC brand.
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