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Default Problem

Yeah, so I've been having a bit on an issue with my computer where it has trouble resuming and starting up after going into sleep mode.

If my computer goes into sleep mode whether by me pressing the button or allowing the computer to eventually fall asleep by itself after being idle, it won't come back on. It will still be powered on, but wiggling the mouse or keyboard has no effect. The power button remains flashing blue like it's idle instead of turning blue like it should. It does occasionally actually go blue again, but it never seems to actually come back on. After this occurs, I have to restart it manually several times just to get it to boot properly or unplug the power cord and plug it back. Also, the computer won't put out any kind of video signal. I've also noticed my performance has been a little shoddy when running multiple applications, lately. Not horrible, but a little sketchy.

I'm hoping it isn't a hardware failure and it's something that can be remedied by a soft fix. But some people did tell me it is a HDD problem

Anyone has a better explanation/solution?

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