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My System Specs


Have owned lots of cases some very expensive lian-li's (still have all of them), cheap cases and all the most popular $200 range cases.

Now after real estate am running a reworked u2-ufo for the room.

As far as looks it is important to some of us, material matters, the cooling your using also influences what ya need. Hobbyist build and mod pretty well any and everything on some cases. Just depends on what your into and what you can afford. Allot of times it has nothing to do what what ya need to get by, should say most of the time. The more ya know the more ya spend.

Really it depends on what u think is ok, cost usually doesn't matter. The level 10 case us said you understand is a $700 case. A friend has this case and has to externally mount his rad. Usually the bigger it is, the more you spend installing the toys. My fans were as much as most people's case's... My case used was the least expensive part in my system. What I added after cost 3 times the case cost.

As others have mentioned once do your other system parts the case is a givin to replace if your not already in a hi-end case to start with. Been jamming all of my watercooling into case's for a long time now. Even with an 18 x 18 x 18 cube am full in this system already and am only running one vid compared to others running up to 4 hi-end watercooled vids...
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