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Default laptop won't start

Trying to figure out why a laptop won't start. Its a gateway ms2285. It gets power - the power light comes on and fans start to spin when I turn it on, but then everything stops after about 5 seconds.

The weirdest thing is that occasionally I can hear a faint, almost tune like series of very low beeps that I can't pinpoint where they are coming from because its so low in volume. It's a 2 tone beep, again it sounds like a song, almost not really beeps at all.

The air that comes out of the fan slot is already warm.

It won't boot at all, so can't get into the bios, nothing.

Any suggestions? I've already tried reseating the memory, tried with one stick at a time, tried reseatting the hardrive (even though the hardrive is recognized when connected to another computer, so I don't think its a drive issue). I tried the old trick of unplugged, no battery, hold the power button down for 20 seconds to discharge the laptop - no luck. I haven't opened her up yet, but will be doing that later today, will report back here if I find anything.

Is it an overheating issue? The friend I'm looking at it for said it had been randomly shutting down over the last few weeks, then the last few days it wouldn't always boot. Now it won't boot at all.
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