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update to second post

Back to work

Here it is all cleaned up after modding. Added some poor man's u-channel (Electrical tape).

The H220 ready to be drained.

7950 ready to have it's heatsink removed.

I spent a lot of time debating whether I should go with a universal block or a full block. The 7950 core supports full blocks, but I was already spending so much money on watercooling. Universal would be cheaper and could follow me to future builds. So I reluctantly went with the EK-VGA Supremacy Bridge Edition.

Impediment #1: Well, after taking the card apart I realized that I forgot to order the copper shim adapter for the universal GPU block. Well, crap. Paying $10 shipping for a $5 copper shim seems wasteful to me. I've emailed Daz about exchanging the Supremacy for a full cover block. Fine. Can't complete the loop this weekend, but no sense worrying about that now.

H220 block mounted.

Fits pretty well, looks pretty nice too. Can't help feeling I forgot something though. Oh no....


Calmed down and re-pasted.

Back in the case. Done for the night.

End of Day 2

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