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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Yea it's funny the last 3 times I've re-built my PC, and my wife's n daughters builds I've never "tested" everything on the open bench (Diningroom table) prior to 1st boot, just build it in the case, perfect cable management, close it up, plug everything in and hit the power button (breath held)......then strut around the house while Windows loads and my wife calls me a "geek" ;)
You have two similar items that i would consider my all time favorite items, the Toyota Tacoma ( I have the 2012 TRD 4 door ) and the Silverstone TJ 09 I believe. Had to sell the case since the custom arwork lost flavor and was too big for my new office space.

There is no logic to buying the Titan at it's price but I'm not a fan of SLI or Crossfire; but hoping the prices will drop to at least $800 .

I sold my old card and paintball marker equipment ( hated it..really did) so my rule is still valid in my home - whatever comes in, something goes out.

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