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My System Specs


Well I passed through Edmonton twice this week on my way to and from Jasper. Stopped into Memory Express both times, fondled a Coolermaster mechanical keyboard (the small one), - that was OK. I think that one sported brown switches. I can feel the difference but it wasn't overwhelming. Contemplated the Coolermaster Trigger, Gigabytes Osmium and Razer's Blackwidow. Could not decide so didn't buy any of them. I think I'll hold out for the K95 (probably would have bought a K90 had they had any in stock). I would rather have a Razer because the logo is cool & it would match my mouse; but not with that green glow - puts me in mind of how B Sci-Fi movies portray radioactive. The Gigabyte was almost a sale, seems really top grade but the macro buttons are way up on top - which puts them under my desk in a hard to reach place, and I don't have anything else Gigabyte on my desk. And a glowing Red keyboard by coolermaster might be cool, but I wasn't in a red mood. So saved my pennies and I'll wait. I'm in Calgary in a few weeks maybe I'll cave in and pry open my wallet there.

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