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If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod has your purchased content from the iTunes Store, you can transfer the content to a computer that is authorized for your Apple ID.
Note: This option only works for content you purchased from the iTunes Store (as opposed to content from other sources, such as CDs you may have imported). For content you did not purchase from the iTunes Store, synchronization occurs in one direction only. This means your content can be copied from a computer to your iOS device, but cannot be copied from your device to a computer.
  1. Open iTunes.
  2. From the Store menu, choose Authorize This Computer.
  3. Enter your Apple ID and password. Then, click the Authorize button.
  4. Connect your device your computer. If it is synced with another iTunes library, you may be asked if you want to "Erase and Sync" or "Transfer Purchases."
  5. If that alert appears, click Transfer Purchases.
    Important: Clicking Erase and Sync will delete any existing content currently on your device. The content would then be replaced with the content that is on the computer.
  6. If you were not offered the option to transfer purchases:
    • After connecting your device to the computer, its icon appears in iTunes. Click the icon.
    • From the File > Devices menu, choose "Transfer Purchases from 'Your device name.'"
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