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My System Specs

Default OK, I've been thinking... Upgrade!

OK, I'm pretty sure what I want CPU wise, and any decent name brand ram will do what I need for this upgrade, but I need a quality mobo and a decent video card to stick in my current mobo/ram/cpu when I upgrade my POS ATOM230 that has found a home as a weak ass home theatre rather than the file server I originally built it for. I'm going for a 3770K upgrade to my current main system and a replacing my Atom 230 with my current system. (Mobo/cpu/ram anyway)

Mobo Req. Useable PCI slot is a MUST, this old XFi XM is still doing fine for me, at least dual x8 PCI slots would be nice, just in case I feel like suffering through SLi or Crossfire again, dual wired LAN has been handy, wireless... I DGAF. Audio options and other useless crap... need not apply. Black and Red colour scheme would rock, RoG are too pricey though. Say $250 max... No MATX, that will just look silly in a EATX case.

New Video Card to go with a Q6600/P5Q deluxe req. HD1080p playback minimum, I'm pretty sure the onboard audio can handle that part. Cheap as possble will do the job here, passively cooled would do better.

Oh, and I need a decent cooling solution as well., for a 3770K... Air only.
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