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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Slik View Post
I could "pop my cherry" and build my own right now,if I really wanted to. Problem with me is,building my own rig is work. While I consider myself an enthusiast,it's not to the point of building a rig,it's HAVING a rig that's always a bit ahead of the curve. Killswitch is a very talented guy,and with that talent,I know whatever he builds is going to work properly without issues right from the get go. Together,we select the hardware,I order it,he builds it,and when it's done,it's like a Christmas,or birthday present for me. Something to look forward to. I have no patience when it comes to putting a PC together. None at all. It's just the way I am. Lazy? Probably,but building computers etc. is a bit of a hobby for my friend Killswitch,resulting in enjoyment and satisfaction for both of us. As I said in an earlier post,I consider myself fortunate. Not smart,or rich or whatever,but fortunate in being able to buy pretty much whatever I want for a gaming rig,and fortunate in having a good friend like Killswitch to build it with me. Fun part for me,is ordering the hardware. Who wouldn't enjoy ordering two Titans?
I've built my own PC's for years and when you get into modding them (using a dremel to cut away at your case, painting etc.) it can be a lot of fun. But I've gotten old and lazy I guess and my modding days are behind me.

So I had NCIX build my new rig for me and while they do a good job with cable management I think I'll build myself next time as I discovered I miss the experience of knowing what is done with each component as I install them.

But I hate the 650D case I got with this rig so I intend to move everything into my old Level 10 GT case (which I love)... so I'll wind up doing it all anyways.
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