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Originally Posted by Caldezar View Post
When EA came out with a statement saying that they would be giving away a free game to appease SimCity owners that were upset, I actually thought that maybe, just maybe, EA would do the right thing. How wrong I was... Rather than give us a dollar credit towards purchasing whatever game we want, or even giving us a decent selection of games, they offered us a list of games that either everyone has, or nobody wants. Ironically, they threw SimCity 4 on to the list... "Sorry for producing a crap game guys. Here's an older version of the game that works..."

So here's the problem... I own every game on this list except for MoH (that was a complete bomb) and NFS. (I don't play racing games) So what are my options? I can choose a game I own, or a game I'll never play? Damnit EA! Why not just give everyone a credit coupon in Origin!?

I totally agree and feel the same way! And yes how ironic that Simcity 4 was on the list.
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