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Originally Posted by BrainEater View Post
Yea , the year we actually won the CC : Despite the fact it was said and was public knowledge , we got grief because NCIX folders came to our team......And they come to our team allatime.


With or without NCIX our numbers speak for themselves .. I'll let the math tell the story , I don't need to rant.

Bring it on losers , I'm wiring the effing bladeserver.

Cheers , and lets have fun people , This really is about promotion.

I'm hoping I can convince my companies to fold !!!

I got onto the chat box that year and told them off in a "read-between-the-lines" fashion, and to get the jade monkey trophy ready.

We have to keep in mind that we can trash talk and have fun with this, but the ultimate goal is an entertaining competition and to promote folding. Once stupid and childish politics get in the way, the vision is lost.

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