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Originally Posted by bonanza2000 View Post
I used the above mentioned Classic shell and it works well to simulate a win 7 desktop. This is for a lady who had a win 7 laptop and needed a new one and I made it look and feel like her old one. she isn't going to be able to deal with win 8's weirdness. Heck I couldn't even deal with it. I suppose I could get used to it but I shouldn't have to. It should work the way I want it to work not the way they think I should work. Arrogant pig lickers. Same with the stupid office 2007 and 2010 ribbons. i have to download that ubitmenu program to give you the tool bars back. Why design things that require more clicks to make things happen. Windows 8 takes like 3 clicks to turn off. They have the stupid tiles. why not make one turn it off? You wonder if they really do any product testing on anyone older than 16?
If I want to turn off my computer I hit the power button.

Microsoft does some of the most extensive testing of any software company.
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