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Default Asus p6t sli question

My main question here is this. Right now im running 3 gtx 570's on my asus p6t (not deluxe,) but lets rewind a bit. Before i was only running on 2 570's which are water cooled, then i was able to squeeze the third one in the middle which had the stock air cooler. The motherboard came only with the 3way sli bridge. My question is that before i was running sli having the cards in the top and bottom slots, but would i be able to sli it with one card in the top and one in the middle slot, leaving the bottom free? So in this case if i want to get rid of my third card it doesnt involve me ripping apart my water cooling. The 3 slots are all pcie 2.0x16. I was thinking of maybe swapping to a new case and was going to place the cards differently.

And on a side note, when i was using only the 2 cards, i had 6 2gb of corsair dominator ram, but since i added the third card, the computer will only run if i have 3 sticks of ram installed. Whats going on there? Thanks guys
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