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Pretty hard to determine how much to order. Any suggestions. Looking at the powersupply looks like around 40' of 4mm to me would do. The wiring that will be seen will only be the

2x videocard PCI E( keeping in mind possibly two ) and only a portion really ( 8" long a strand) =16"
1x 24 pin ATX main at 24 x 8" a strand = 192"
ATX 6 pin x 6" strands.=36"

fans would be a total of 6 fans 3 strands but would sleeve as one each at 6" = 36" ( going to use the motherboard, there are 8 connectors on it instead of a fan controller )

My hd cabling will not be seen

thoughts ?

That's about 23 feet of sleeving.

2mm for the individual strands and 4mm for the fan ( all combined or go to 6mm )


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