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Originally Posted by LHN91 View Post
Nope, it just seems that people are a little slow responding lately. Based on your use cases of video editing, I would consider dropping the motherboard down to a slightly cheaper model, and see if you can squeeze a 3770k into the budget. Alternatively, the 8 core AMD chips are also quite good for video editing, though less so for gaming.

Also, I would consider seeing if you can get 16 GB of RAM. 8 GB is lots for gaming, but might be a bit restrictive for HD video editing.
I took your suggestion and upgraded the CPU choice above. As for the AMD route, I could not find any good offerings for mATX motherboards that run AMD CPUs. Video editing is not something i need to do, but wanted to experiment with. I did state $1500 as a budget but I don't have to limit my self to that.

If you think I need 16 GB of RAM now, I can do so instead of later.
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