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Hi again, not sure this time where to start with to be honest.. so much has happened recently.

There has been a huge optimization been made to the Madness Engine by the developer Martin Griffiths in order to give a better performance and to kill some annoying bugs that have been haunting us for quite some time.
Physics have been improved as well in many of the cars currently available and it has been a blast to drive some of them.

Andy Tudor, the Creative Director behind Project CARS did an interview recently for NowGamer where he spoke about the Wii U version and from what I see around the web it has caused a huge ruckus, I advise everyone interested into giving it a read.

The first cut of the SDK/API for Project CARS has also been released, this will allow many developers to create amazing apps to interact with Project CARS.
Thereís also a lot of hints around the web about Project CARS and Oculus Rift support, recently Andy Tudor posted an intriguing sentence at his Twitter in response to a news post @ VirtualR.
We may or may not be looking forward to the @Oculus3D ;-) Oculus Rift ? Racing Game Testing Started ? VirtualR ? Sim Racing News Ö #WMDCars #SlightlyMadTeam
Two new cars coming soon to Project CARS, the 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-400 & the Ford Racing Mustang BOSS 302R1, both in a very early stage of development are going to be introduced within the project in order to test their physics, so there wonít be any pictures of it yet to be shown for now, further ahead when they are more complete in terms of visuals you will surely start seeing images/videos of them around the web.

To end this up and since there hasnít been any images to show I leave you with a new trailer by our Community member Plm5.
Project Cars - Waiting for the Dark - DX11 PC on Vimeo
Project Cars - Waiting for the Dark - DX11 PC - YouTube

You can also check the newest gallery @ the official website have fun!
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