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My System Specs


I use both XP and VISTA. XP as my primary OS, to do my work + gaming (DX9 gaming). I use ONLY VISTA (on a seperate partition) to play DX10 games, which run great on my system. I find DX9 games to run a bit sluggish on VIsta compared to XP, even with all recent drivers, some DX9 games are piss poor in VISTA, dunno if it's a driver issue or the game is not optimized. Also, most games now still use DX9 - it will be quite a while before developers opt for DX10 exclusive, they know people's feelings about VISTA.

It would be wise in terms of business for MS to stop selling XP and focus on VISTA, to move people to VISTA and their new WIndows 7 - but it is my understanding that they want to phase out XP, BUT keep SUPPORTING it until 2012/2014 ? in terms of updates, but I highly doubt they will go back on their decision to SELL the OS unless it's through buying OEM / low-end PCs like the Eee PC.

I still remember the transition from Windows 98/Me to XP when it came out and was new and everyone said how much XP sucked major you know what and that game sucked, etc.......Now people love XP - Well VISTA will be the same, people will have no choice but to move on. Thank God I have my XP, and a backup of my disc just in case (shh !) but I am thankful to M$ at least that they wil keep on providing updates to XP.
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