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Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
Give it a shot with the old card first. may be just fine. My 590 only has 1.5gb of ram and that is not enough to enable AA at 2560*1440, your 2gb of ram should be.
You were ultimately right. Overall my current games run fine at 2560 with my current hardware and light overclocks.

I've tested the new Tomb Raider, a modded install of Witcher 2, heavily modded Skyrim and GTA4, and a few other things, and overall it's still fine.

Then again it depends what you call fine; I did notice a FPS drop. A game that rarely-if-ever dips below 30fps is fine to me, while its unacceptable to others who want constant 60, or even higher. Certainly, the slight differences I've seen suggest that I'll have to keep in mind my higher resolution alot more in the future when planning hardware.

Then again, even though 2560 is still a 'high-end' resolution, it's getting more popular and common with all the cheap Korean IPS' monitors flooding the market, so I'm guessing that within a few years, this kind of res will become natural and taken into account when designing both hardware and software.
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