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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
The Irony of watching Slik's upgrade path, is where he started from on here.

Shame on you killswitch for doing Z77 when X79 gives more PCI-e Lanes. For what HE is doing, its a much better decision.
You did NOT overkill it enough. I might change your name to Killmaybe.

Ok, if benchmarks show that the 3770k and Maximus V mobo is badly bottlenecking those Titans then I'll take the blame.

Originally Posted by Slik View Post
You have a very good memory. I agree that everything is Killswitches fault. He shoulda built
You know what Slik....perhaps we should trade video cards? A pair of Titans for a pair of 7970's. That way I'll have the bottlenecking issue and you won't have any potential for that to happen.
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