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My System Specs


I second some of Companion_Cube's suggestions. Namely the Motherboard, Hard Drive, RAM, DVD-RW.

For the motherboard, unless you seriously plan to go with SLI, get a P45 based motherboard like the P5Q-E or Deluxe.

For the hard drive, the 640GB WD is quite a bit faster than other drives out there as it uses dual 320GB platters. Cache size doesn't really matter much.

For the RAM choice, I think Companion_Cube was going with the Ascent PC-8000/8500 which might be worth while. It'll give you more room to OC if you do so. However the Redlines are the best deal right now IMO: Comes with 3DMark Vantage as well I believe.

For the DVD-RW, Pioneer is the best from what I've read. I have one myself (212D) and it works great. Nice and quiet, reads and burns everything I've thrown at it.

Oh and I have the Razer Lycosa, it's a nice keyboard, nothing special though. Basic layout with basic functionality but I have no need for macros and what not. I have the DeathAdder mouse which matches perfectly (same colour/texture) if you care about that.

One last thing, you should consider an aftermarket CPU heatsink such as the popular HDT models like this:

As per the GTX260, well, price drops are probably going to come sooner than you'd think so you might feel ripped off. Up to you though.
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