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Originally Posted by Kerry D View Post
So I'm here to ask for opinions on my next desktop case. I've been craving more work area within my case (what can I say, I run amd cards ) and recently upgraded to a 7970) and have been considering three options, a Caselabs Magnum M8 (I really don't need the height, but the width seems to open up so many options, can you get these in brushed aluminum?) a Lian Li PC-D8000a and the third option is doing a farmer fix, slapping together a pair of old Lian Li midtower cases and "getting 'er done." Now I haven't really found any in depth reviews for the PC-d8000 which doesn't bode well, the Magnum case is beautiful but I'm also sure that I wouldn't make full use of the case as it seems to be targeting the liquid cooling market. But, while I know I can get another case cheap, I look at the third option and wonder what fit and finish features I'll be missing out on. I do like the rubber grommet hdd installation with the newer LL cases, the older cases are just screw in. So what are the experiences that people here have had with these or similar cases? Would it be worth my time investment to just go with the old Lian Li cases? Or should I consider a differnet case entirely OR light it all on fire and dance in the light reflected from the non-emitting puddle of aluminum?
Might be a little late for this response but in case anyone else reads this, Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 is a very wide large case $99.95 at NCIX.

I just did a build for my friend and I realized when I got it home the case was massive and very wide with a very large space behind the the motherboard for running cables behind giving the front a very clean look. Build quality was just OK some of the metal work such as screw holes lining up were a little off but still looks good for the price.
Arc Midi R2 - Fractal Design

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