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My System Specs


Hows the neighbors to your wifes company these days? have not heard from them in awhile other then Asus sales reports that do not look good at all.

Is your 980 going to your wifes store? haha another power house in a retail store
^^^ Damn good memory, havent been hanging out on here much for various reasons !! Funny you mention it though as I believe she told me they (her neighbors) have let some folks go.
As for the 980X, yeah I'm not sure what I'll do with that and the ole Classified Board, maybe swap out the 920 in her Office PC for this 980X and give the Classified Board with either the 980X or 920 to my Son in Law.
Also, dont know if I can get much more than $280 for the 580 Classified Cards as Keplar is so much better.....we'll see.

Perhaps watch for a sale on 980X, Classified 759 Mobo, bunch of Triple Chanel Ram and a couple of Classified Ultra GPU's (try and re-coop some $$), may list it all in a month or so.
Let her all go to a good home for a great price ;)

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