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Hey thanks for the imput, and I've seen many people say to get the 4870, but there are some concerns with that now that the price of the Gtx 260 and 4870 seem to be about the same ($10-20 more for gtx 260). Expecially since future games might need (or at least support physx)

EVGA E-GEFORCE GTX 260 Superclocked $308.88 (278.88 after mail in rebate)
EVGA E-GEFORCE GTX 280 Superclocked $463.22 (433.22 after mail in rebate)
Diamond Radeon HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 $268.32
no physx on HD4870 (looking to future proof system)

@Companion Cube - I think its funny that you like the Logitech G15 but not the G5 Mouse. And the keys on the G15 look like they stick out, but the Razar Lycosa looks more like a laptop keyboard (which I like) - My previous gaming system was a Dell XPS M170.
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