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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Already, what you have there will be a HUGE improvement over what she already has.

Now, this may sound odd, but replace the FX6300 at $151 with an older gen Phenom II 965 @ $110. Not only is it $40 cheaper, you'll get better in-game performance than with the 6300, and it won't consume as much power, either.

I would take some of the money saved and bump the RAM up from 2x2GB sticks to 2x4GB sticks (assuming her existing copy of windows is 64-bit, otherwise I guess you're fine with the 4GB of RAM)
I like the idea, I just stuck with the FX-6300 because I put a 965 and a 550Ti in her sons computer and it just seems to be bottlenecking somewhere.
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