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Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
Read here that its actually 3 cell...:
Lenovo Unveils Mainstream Business Ultrabook, ThinkPad T431s | News & Opinion |

But Lenovo claims a 9 hour battery life in that that realistic?
Absolutely not. Maybe in the dream world which notebook manufacturers live in but 9 hours with a 3-cell, even with Haswell is impossible.

Originally Posted by Keywork View Post
Perhaps with Haswell, but even that is a hell of a stretch for a 3-cell.

And I have a loaner Lenovo x220 at work and it's alright I guess. Have you looked at the HP Elitebook 9470m Folio SKY? It's a pretty solid device and it's getting a refresh to include a 1600x900 display.
All of the Folios I have seen lately sport Windows 8. In addition, I'm not going to spend $1400+ on a notebook with a 1366x768 display since the refresh isn't out yet.
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