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Default How to Share the Root of a Drive Under Vista

Well one of the biggest challenges I've had with Vista has been file sharing related. I'm on a secure (read: wireless w/ lead paint in the walls) home network, so when I share a folder, I just want everyone to be able to access it from any PC in the house. It's that simple, or so it seems.

Vista makes sharing folders a pain. When you click share on a normal folder (right click, then "share"), you have to add the "Everyone" permission to that folder in order for anyone to be able to access it. I wonder why Vista would assume that when you share a folder you don't want anyone to be able to access it except yourself.... from the machine on which it's shared..... I've actually tried created an account with identical sign-in credentials to the Vista machine and it will not allow it to access files that have my own name as the "Owner" with full permissions....

Anyway, after some struggling I figured out how to share folders. Here's problem #2 though. I use a full drive as my "My Documents" folder. Basically it's a RAID-1 with anything that I could possibly value stored on it. That way I don't have to waste space on my RAID with my Vista install/programs etc by mirroring my main drive and storing everything in default directories. So that means in order to share all of my "My Documents" stuff over the network (music, movies, etc), I need to share the root of a drive.

Vista will allow the permissions to be set, even though you have to do it manually by right clicking, then hitting "share", and manually setting the permissions to everyone, but then when you try to access it from a remote computer, it will say "access is denied". So I struggled with this for a bit, and finally I decided to dig deeper. Here's how to share the root of a drive under Vista:

In the Start menu click "Computer"

Right click on the drive and go to properties

Click security tab

Click edit

Click Add

Click Advanced

Click Find Now

Click OK

Then just keep clicking OK until your security tab includes "Everyone" for the root of the drive like mine does in the screenshots. You will still have to set permissions for "Everyone" under the sharing tab of the drive, but this is much simpler and instructions can be found for that online, but I couldn't find a guide for this anywhere so I thought I'd make one :)
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