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My System Specs

Smile Ft03 mini and matx (continued)

I agree with the previous comments for the FT03 matx, I love the design but the matx vented side panel is a poorly fitted joke they could have used thicker material and used the mini's panel attachment system to improve things.
I have one of each case, which again I think they look cool and are a well awaited departure from the status quo, I think they should revise the mini make it bigger to accompany matx, and atx ps but loose the extra HD bay,give it some opening for external w/c. A smart move is to make a more attractive screen for intake and rotate the ps to exhaust out of the case from the other side. Silverstone HD mounting sytm is crap IMO and something else from another design could be used behind the panel.
Few other things I like to see but I won't bore you guys here....

I was going to sell my mini in lieu of having its bigger bro as main system but there is little interest in buying it so I think Ill keep it and wait for the newer generation of GPUs hotrodded and sized well to fit in it.
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