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Yeah sorry thought it was my fault as I tried to show a picture of the system
As mod stated to me because I have less than 5 posts not able too

Anyway ...yeah the PSU has only 1 PCI-E on it and dont fancy adding a converter from molex as I heard there not that great..
So Bought another 750W with 2 PCI-E ...well thats what supplier is stating it says this :

Artic Blue 750W Power Supply Unit PSU
12 Months Warranty
Product Info:
  • 750W ATX PC Power Supply Unit Silent fan technology
  • 24 & 20 Pin Ready
  • 3 x Sata
  • Supports all AMD and Intel PC's Dimensions: 149 x 84 x 138 (mm)
  • ROHS Compliant PSU Ratings: +3.3V = 24A +5V = 30A +12V1 = 32A +12V2 = 32A +12V3 = 32A +12V4 = 32A -12V = 0.5A +5VSB = 3.0A
Connectors Included:
  • 1 x 24 & 20 Pin Main Power
  • 1 x 8 (4+4) pin Main Power
  • 4 x Molex Power 1 x FDD Power
  • 3 x Serial ATA Power
  • 1 x 6 Pin (+2) 1x 6 Pin
Got this reply after I asked him a question about needing 2 pci-e's :
The PCI-E 6+2 pin is a connector that can be used
as an 8-pin connection, with the additonal two pins being removable so that
it can connect to a 6-pin connection. If your graphics card needs 2x 6-pin
this will be fine.
So am assuming this will be ok, yes?
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