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Default In Mourning: Laptop Finally Kicks the Bucket..Sort Of

I've had a Sony Vaio Z 1290 (also known as the VPCZ114GX when in silver) for the better part of three years now. After testing countless other notebooks over the years, this one is hands down the best I've come across.

Slim with a great keyboard, stunning semi matte 1600x900 IPS screen, interchangeable batteries, DVD drive, etc. There hasn't been another comparable notebook since. At least in my eyes.

Well, yesterday, I turned it on and that great keyboard.....dead. It won't even work in the BIOS which points to a hardware issue rather than a software problem.

I opened it up and boy was I in for a rude surprise. Sony being Sony fabricated this thing with such precision that even attempting to change out the keyboard would be a lesson in absolute futility unless one had the repair manual. The innards are nothing short of spectacular though.

Unfortunately, this means the 1290 is in the hands of a Sony certified repair center and believe it or not, I find myself emotionally attached to it. So much so that I told the repair shop: do what it takes to fix this thing. Why? Because I know there's nothing else that could replace it.

Whether or not this situation I find myself in sounds idiotic or not is immaterial. What it does point to is the sad state of the current notebook market. Advances in technology have led to a pathetic selection with integrated batteries, sub-par screens, horrible track pads and lackluster battery life or a combination thereof. Even Sony has discontinued their venerable Z line. And don't get me started with the penetration of Windows 8 into the professional notebook market...

End of rant

*Typed on a Nexus 7 w/ USB keyboard (ugh!).
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