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small update..but better then nothing I guess
Ended up, the usb cable would kinda fit,by kinda I mean it was hitting the rad but the door would close with some pressure. So thats no good.So I began placing the i/o panel all around the case trying to find somewhere it would
a) look decent
b) be difficult for the lil guy to get too and
c) not interfere with anything else in the build

After a lot of thinking and placing the i/o everywhere in the case, I said screw it...I'm not going to use that panel at all. I found a small touch pad switch that I saved from at least 3 years ago...thinking I would use it in a car someday. I may end up using it or a bulgin style switch. Either way I'm a bit away from it working anyway so I moved onto the testing the psu cables I re did. I basically just shortened them, but instead of doing one wire at a time...I pulled them all out.Rookie mistake. Luckily everything was good (thanks Lowfat) and it powered up an old amd system I had laying around in the basement.
Other then that..I purchased what I hope is the last of the parts I need to get this done along with a few others odds and ends

EK GeForce 670 GTX VGA Liquid Cooling Block - Nickel CSQ (EK-FC670 GTX - Nickel CSQ)
3-Pin Power Supply Connector Pins Set
Corepad Skatez Pro - Razer Death Adder
Blue Illuminated Bulgin Style "Momentary" Vandal Switch - 22mm - Black Housing - Ring Illumination
FrozenCPU ConnectRight Gold Plated Female Molex Pins (set of 4)
1/8" (3mm) Aluminum Rivets - Black - 10 pack 2
Akasa PROSLIM Super Slim SATA 3.0 Data Cable w/ Securing Latch - 30cm - Black (AK-CBSA05-30BK)
sAkasa PROSLIM Super Slim SATA 3.0 Data Cable w/ Securing Latch - 30cm - Blue (AK-CBSA05-30BL)
Phobya 4-Pin Power Distribution PCB 6x 3-Pin Block (81097)
FrozenCPU ConnectRight 24-Pin Female ATX Power Connector - Black
EK GeForce 670 GTX VGA Liquid Cooling RAM Backplate - Black CSQ (EK-FC670 GTX Backplate - Black CSQ)
EK FC Bridge Single CSQ - Plexi (EK-FC Bridge Single CSQ - Plexi)
Black Ice GT Stealth 240 Radiator -
FrozenCPU Special Edition ATX 2.0 Power Supply Tester (20/24 pin ATX, SATA, P4, Xeon, PCI-E, Floppy, 4 pin)
16AWG Hook Up UL1007 Approved Wire - Black 35
16AWG Hook Up UL1007 Approved Wire - Blue 35
FrozenCPU ConnectRight Standard 4-pin Male Connector - Black
Gold Plated Male Pins: 4 x Gold Plated Male Molex Pins
FrozenCPU ConnectRight Cathode Light Mini Connector Pins - Female - 4 Pack 3
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