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Originally Posted by Bloodystumps View Post
Nope you should have no problems at all, the XSPC kit should be G1/4 on all the blocks and rads....
thanks for the response, but what is G1/4? is it the ID or what? because I really dont know what it is.

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Just keep in mind that upgrading fittings for a whole loop can be quite pricey, so if it's something you plan to do immediately you might want to look at a different kit which has the fitting size you want.
Im really thinking about it, but Im not planning to get expensive fittings probably one of those ~$5 fittings.

the thing is (please don't laugh ) I really want the the white tubing and white/light blue UV tubing and for the love of god I cant find it on 3/8ID and 3/5ID, and I cant find XSPC fittings with 45 or 90 degrees fittings.
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