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Don't get me wrong. I'd love a big 240mm AIO but my case doesn't accept it. Its a stupid MSI Interceptor Nighthawk. I can probably attach it with a bit of fooling around though. I am considering picking up a h100i anyway and seeing what I can do. I do prefer Air but I am not set on air. I don't want a 120mm AIO I can say for sure. I have a h60 already that I will probably use in the meantime if the superclock doesn't fit. I just had a PSU explode and take out my system. Risking my system again with an AIO scares the crap out of me. Especially I had trouble with 2 AIOs already. Luckily not with leaking. 1 Bad pump and the other didn't mount properly.

Worst case scenario is picking up an Evo like you mentioned. At least thats also the cheapest option if I have to use it temporarily before getting a new case.

I never heard of that Mount Doom cooler before. It looks pretty good I must say. It gives me hope that there are other high end Air units out there that will fit.
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